OG Collector (CapSole Club)

OG Collector (CapSole Club)

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OG Collector (CapSole Club)

OG Collector (CapSole Club)

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OG Collector (CapSole Club) Includes:

• Complete Collector Kit (Month 1)
• 4 Pod + 4 Cartridge/Mo (After 1/Mo)
• 25% off all Kits+ 10% off Cartridges
• All Pods for $29.99 each (40% off)
• Bonus: Earn a free Pod & Cartridge on your 12th

Fits Size 6.5 Men and below Fits Size 7 - 10 Men Fits Size 10.5 -15 Men
  • Access to Discounts
  • 30 Day Returns
  • 1 Year Warranty

The OG Collector (CapSole Club) is for the OGs that have been in the shoe game for a while and know the importance of protecting their sneakers. 

  • Month 1 - Collector Kit (4 pods, 4 cartridges & 1 inflator
  • After month1, you will receive 4 pods & 4 cartridges monthly
  •  Exclusive access to discount page including 25% off all kits, 10% off cartridges & all pods for $29.99 each (40% Off).
  • As a bonus, on the 12th delivery you will receive 1 pod +1 cartridge for free. 
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  • Pods

    The preservation pods are airtight & reusable. A pod does not need to be replenished or refilled with a cartridge until it is reopened.

  • Cartridges

    Cartridges contain our anti-aging preservative with 2-4 fills each.*

  • Inflators

    The inflator injects the preservative into the Pod & can be reused with different cartridges and pods. (Only 1 needed)*



What is CapSole Club?

CapSole Club is a monthly subscription with three levels (Starter, Sneakerhead, & OG Collector). As part of CapSole Club you (i) receive products monthly and (ii) have exclusive access to discount pages to buy products at anytime. See the description above for what is included in the selected CapSole level.

Can I still wear my sneakers?

Yes, our Method is Wear, Preserve, Store. You can wear your sneakers as much you want. CapSole is reusable and easy to use.

  • Wear Your Sneakers
  • Preserve When Not Wearing
  • Store Conveniently in Shoe Box

What makes this different than a vacuumed sealed bag or ziplock bag?

Vacuum sealed bags require a vacuum  process, which wrinkle and compress against the shape of the shoes. Also, the low pressure caused by the vacuum can cause odors, yellowing, and crumbling. Unlike CapsSole no preservative is used to insulate from harmful elements in Ziplock and vacuum sealed bags. Lastly, both bags generally use cheaper material which means oxygen and moisture will seep in over time.

Does it work? Has there been any testing?

Yes, CapSole has been tested and proven.

  • Over 400 hours of accelerated age testing on Air Force 1s
  • Conditions: Extreme exposure to oxygen, moisture, light and heat 
  • Test results showed 50% delayed yellowing and aging when using CapSole (2X Lifespan)

Will the preservative damage my sneakers?

No. The preservative does not damage sneakers. It consists of a proprietary preservative that does not interact with shoe materials and serves to insulate the shoes from oxygen, moisture, and remove dust from the Pod.

Why do my sneakers turn yellow and crumble?

Oxygen and moisture vapor in the air cause the breakdown of materials used in shoes. In scientific terms, water and oxygen int the air cause hydrolysis (reaction to moisture) and oxidation (reaction to oxygen) that result in losses in color and structural integrity.