Capsole® was birthed by a question; "How can I make my sneakers last longer?" A question that every sneaker head has had at one point in time.

In 2019, founder and sneaker lover Darren Lee set out to create an effective and affordable product that would preserve his sneaker collection for more wears & a longer lifespan.

With sneaker enthusiasts in mind, Capsole was developed by some of the best chemical engineers & preservation specialists in the industry to bring the first of its kind to the sneaker community.

  • Our Vision

    To create & educate a culture of preservation & sustainability of collectible goods.

  • Our Mission

    To preserve the craftsmanship & art that impacts culture.

Meet Darren Lee

Founder & CEO

Darren Lee has always had a love for sneakers. As a kid, he would save his lunch money and clean buildings just to add a pair of sneakers to his collection. Now, Darren’s passion & desire to help preserve sneaker culture has lead him to found CapSole®.