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How much longer will it make my sneakers last?

Extreme environmental testing showed at least 2X delay in yellowing and aging of shoes. Based on this data CapSole products can double the lifespan of your shoes.

Has there been any testing?

CapSole tested the ability of its 1st generation CapSole pod to protect against the discoloration of the materials of construction of shoes as well as the eventual breakdown of adhesive components of those articles. Testing was done under extreme conditions and xenon arc exposure to test the maximum limits of the product to protect against environmental conditions following cycle 12 conditions of ASTM G155-21 for 400 hours. One Nike AirForce1 was placed in a protective pod with the other shoe outside of the pod for the duration of the exposure. Testing shows that the CapSole pod was able to prevent discoloration by at least half (2x) of the magnitude of change compared to the shoe that was fully exposed and not preserved by CapSole products.

Do I need to clean my sneakers before placing in CapSole? 

Best practice would be to remove any debris from the shoes and lightly clean the shoes of any marks or stains.

Will the preservative damage my sneakers?

No. The preservative does not damage sneakers. It consists of a proprietary preservative that does not interact with shoe materials and serves to insulate the shoes from oxygen, moisture, and remove dust from the CapSole pod.

How do I know if it is working? 

With the outlet vent open, once the inflator releases the preservative into the CapSole pod you can begin to feel the pod inflate like an air mattress and then deflate as the air from the pod is pushed out through the vent. When the outlet vent is closed the pod will be left with a gently inflated look and feel showing you that it is holding the preservative in place.

Why does oxygen and moisture make sneakers turn yellow and crumble?

Oxygen and moisture are both components that can cause the breakdown of synthetic and natural materials used in different kinds of shoes. In scientific terms, water and oxygen allow polymers (sneaker materials) to participate in what is called hydrolysis and oxygen degradation pathways that shorten polymer chains resulting in losses in color and structural integrity.

Why do people tell me that sneakers need to breath? Is that true?

Shoes need to breathe when they are worn every day or very frequently so that they can dry out from any moisture (water, sweat) and any odors due to bacteria. After a short breathing period, shoes can, and for preservation, should be sealed away from dust, moisture, oxygen, and light.  

How is the CapSole pod better than other solutions on the market like a vacuum seal bag, drop front container, Ziplock bag, and shrink wrap? 

Drop-Front: While drop front containers may limit the dust to what is already in the container, they are not air or moisture blocking and not great for traveling.
Vacuum bags require a vacuum mechanism (usually a vacuum), and end up being wrinkled and compressing against the shape and form of the shoes. Over longer storage times, the low pressure may also draw out small molecules from within the polymeric materials, particularly the soles, leading to smells and sometimes formations on the surfaces of the materials. Additionally, no preservative is used with a vacuumed sealed bag to insulate from moisture, oxygen, and other harmful substance.
Ziplock and shrink wrap offer protection from dust and dirt, but do not protect from oxygen, moisture, and light as well as CapSole.  Ziplock bags and shrink do not have great permeability which means oxygen and moisture will seep in over time. 

What material is the CapSole pod made of?

The CapSole pod is made with a polyester Oxford fabric that is laminated with a layer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Polyester Oxford fabric is a type of woven fabric that is known for durability and strength, and is commonly used in outdoor gear and clothing due to its toughness and resistance to abrasion.When laminated with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), it creates a protective layer that can prevent oxygen from passing through the fabric. This is its key benefit in applications where oxygen exposure may be an issue, such as in medical applications or when looking to preserve valuable perishable goods.

How do I store my sneakers once they are in the CapSole pod? 

The CapSole pod comes in multiple sizes designed to fit in the original shoe box. After placing your shoes in the pod, you can either place your shoes back in the (i) shoe box or (ii) in another location of your choice. 

How long can my shoes be left in the CapSole pod?

As long as desired.

Where is the best place to store my shoes when using CapSole products?  

The best place to store your shoes is in a temperature-controlled environment out of direct sunlinght, like your closet, but sure – other than the temperature concern, the CapSole products protect your shoes from harmful agents that would be found in your garage such as dust, pollen, soot, NOx, SOx, and of course light, oxygen, and moisture from the air.  

What is the lifespan of a CapSole pod?

Indefinite. You can reuse the pod over and over again with multiple shoes or the same shoes.

Do I need to clean the inside or outside of the CapSole 1?

Wipe the outside for dust and cleanliness, but no, there is no need to do any additional interior or exterior cleaning to support the function of the CapSole. The interior should be dry before use and it helps to let your shoes breathe for a few hours or just overnight, after you have worn them so that any moisture from sweat or odors can be aired out before begin sealed.

How often should I refill CapSole?

The CapSole should be refilled every time shoes are placed in the pod for storing. For example, if you wear a pair of sneakers and then place them in the CapSole pod, then a cartridge should be used to refill. No refill is necessary until you unzip the pod and remove your shoes.  

What shoes benefit the most from storing?

All shoes. The exposure to oxygen and moisture can damage all types of shoes.

Will the preservative damage my sneakers?

No. We have tested the preservative on multiple shoes and no damage has resulted. 

How many fills does 1 cartridge provide? 

2-4 fills each. This may vary based on how much preservative is released and the size of the pod.

What sizes does CapSole come in? 

• Small: M (8 + below) W (9.5 + below)
• Medium: M(8.5 -11) W(10 -12.5)
• Large: M(11.5 - 15) W(13 - 16.5)

What expertise do you have in the industry your product is in? What credibility or professional authority do you have?

One of my lead product designers Mansour AbdulBaki is a chemical engineer with a Ph.D. in polymers and synthetic plastics from which sneakers are made. He came up with the design and preservative to use in the CapSole.  
The founder and CEO Darren Lee has been a sneaker collector since he was a kid. He used to stand in line on new shoe releases and even sleep outside the store to get a pair of kicks. He still collects sneakers and loves everything about the sneaker culture.  Darren has sought out some of best designers to develop CapSole with sneaker enthusiast like himself in mind.